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 Lately it seems as if the world is becoming a scarier and more dangerous place.  Each day is filled with news of another tragedy.  Sometimes, as parents, we just want to hold on to our children and never let them out of our sight.  We want to keep their world as safe, as sheltered, and as happy as possible.  Yet all the while, we are continuing to deal with the realities of the world.  Each day brings a new challenge, but countless inspirational calendars and day planners remind us, “Today is going to be a great day!”  In fact, one desk calendar boasts that it is “instant happiness in a box.”  So, what happens on those days that just aren’t great, no matter what your calendar says?  The day when you get a text from your son or daughter about an active shooter on their college campus.  The day when you get the diagnosis that your cancer is back.  The day that your car won’t start, you hit all the traffic on your way to work, and then when you finally get there, you realize you left your materials for your big meeting on your desk at home.  Those are the great days we are promised?

   Our lifestyles can become so overridden with stressful and disappointing situations that sayings such as, “Today is going to be a great day!” can often feel trite and unattainable.  We become burdened with the struggles of today, and our outlook on life becomes hardened and at times, even pessimistic.  Then when you add on the burden that we feel as parents to protect our children, it can often become too overwhelming to bear.  Instead of reaching out, we retreat within.  We become anxious and depressed, or angry and reactive, and our decisions and actions reflect this new reality we have created.  However, these are the days and times to reach out and up. 

   Psalm 90:14, reminds us to ask God to “Satisfy me each morning with your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy to the end of my life.”  In this world, we are not used to simply being satisfied; we always want more.  However, when we ask God to satisfy us with His love, we our putting our full and complete trust in Him to provide for us what we need, both physically and mentally.  Because His love will fill our hearts and minds with a peace that passes all understanding, we are able to slow down and not get caught up in the state of fear that plagues our hearts and minds.  Doing this doesn’t make the events of the world remedy themselves, but it helps us become more equipped to walk through them with our children.  

   If you’d like to learn more about receiving help for your or your child in releasing anxious, withdrawn, angry or reactive thoughts and actions, please fill out a contact request or contact one of the counselors at SoulCare Counseling directly for a free 30 minute consultation.  We are here to help!

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Karen Merritt, LPC-Intern at SoulCare Counseling

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