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The Deception of Rejection

The feeling of rejection is painful and strikes us at our core.  Rejection can be legitimate or even perceived, but either way it hurts deeply and the pain effects us greatly.  In fact, when we dig a little deeper, rejection means to most of us the worst possible scenario— that we don’t have significance.  What if this were not true at all?  

What if we have bought into the lie that it must be true—that being rejected actually means we lack worth and value?  Could it be that our perspective is completely wrong?

Each human life is created for a purpose.  We are the only person on this earth with our fingerprints, design, and make-up.  We were perfectly and intentionally made, every detail of us was dreamt up before the foundations of this earth. Every single human being is of great value.  We are so valuable that the highest price possible was paid for us.  The blood of Jesus was shed for us, so that we ARE accepted. 

I think of Jesus’ time here on earth; It was a time full of rejection.  God actually came down in the flesh to rescue His children, because of our great value, and He was rejected. It’s interesting that even though Jesus was rejected over and over, it didn’t change His significance.  It did not mean He lacked worth and value.  It didn’t change anything about who He was.  He knew who He was and rejection did not change that.  

What would it be like to have a new perspective—to be so sure of our identity, that even when rejected by others we still know who we are and Who’s we are? Being rejected by another, does not define who we are. It does not define our value.  Our value cannot change.


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