Sexual Addiction

Sex Addiction

We live in a society consumed by the lie that sexual expression does not have to be limited by rules. Society tells us to “be ourselves” regardless of how it affects anyone else. It works to convince us that porn use and sexually acting out is a healthy expression of our inner desires. Yet, the actual truth shows us that sexual expression without boundaries ruins intimacy and produces an empty, isolated, and shame ridden life.

Recent statistics about pornography show that of those polled;

  • 90% of young boys and 60% of young girls have been exposed to pornography before they reach the age of 18. The median age is 11 years old
  • 64% of men view porn monthly
  • 54% of men polled that they visited porn websites at least frequently
  • 79% of men between the ages of 18 and 30 view pornography monthly
  • 67% of men between the ages of 31 and 49 view pornography monthly
  • 49% of men between the ages of 50 and 68 view pornography monthly
  • Even Christian men are watching pornography at work at the same rate as the national average

Hard statistics indeed, and the worst may be that most of the people caught in an addictive pattern of pornography and sexually acting out through masturbation, chat rooms, meet ups and affairs, do not know how to stop. They live in a clandestine lifestyle full of fear, worry and constant lies.

The cycle of destruction not only affects them, but, begins to spread to their marriages, children, relationships and work performance. Left unchecked, their lives fall apart in divorcees, job losses, despair, hopelessness and depression.

Help is here! We can help turn the pattern of addiction into a pattern of freedom. We provide clear, healthy, and practical tools to find freedom from the destructive lifestyle of sexual addiction. We know what it is like to be broken, afraid, angry, guilt ridden and ashamed. We also know what it feels like to live free, healed, and recovered.

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