Do any of these sound like you?

  • I struggle with anxiety or depression
  • I have unwanted memories, or I re-live my trauma.  When I do I sweat, have palpitations, and panic attacks.
  • I live in a sense of dread, that something bad happened, although I can't recall it.
  • I am hyper-vigilant.
  • I frighten easily.
  • I am often irritable or edgy.
  • I have nightmares or flashbacks.
  • I have poor concentration, I'm easily overwhelmed or confused.

These are some of the symptoms of trauma.  According to the Journal of Traumatic Stress , around 8% of Americans will experience traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sometime in their lives.  The same article says that nearly 5% of Americans have suffered PTSD within the past year.  There are also others who don't have PTSD but do suffer from trauma-related stress reactions.

Trauma can change brain function.  It presents symptoms such as having difficulty trusting, being in a heightened state of alertness, panic and anxious thoughts.  But help is possible.  We've helped people like you with their trauma related issues, and we can help you.  In fact, trauma is one of Dr. Riley's specialties.

If you would like help to move forward and learn how to cope with your trauma and live a happier, more connected, life we can help.  Contact us today to schedule a free thirty minute consultation.

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