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We at SoulCare Counseling realize that you may have questions about what protective measures we are taking regarding COVID-19. We are honored that you trust SoulCare as a haven for emotional safety and we want to assure you that we are taking measures to protect your physical safety.

For those who prefer to not come into the office during this COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering counseling services through Tele-mental Health services. We are able to counsel via telephone or video-conferencing. If you prefer to meet in this manner, please discuss this option with your counselor.

For those of you who prefer to meet face-to-face, please be aware that we have adopted some changes that will help safeguard your health.  

Upon arrival to the office, we ask that you remain in your car and text your therapist to let her/him know that you are waiting outside in your car. Please remain in your car until your therapist texts you and lets you know that she/he is ready for you. At that time, go directly to your therapist’s office for your session. The fewer people in the waiting room, the easier it is to social distance.

When your appointment is over, we will be asking you to leave the office through the back glass doors. That way, social distancing is upheld.  

We will also be staggering appointment times. This may mean that your appointment time may fall on the quarter hour rather than on the hour or half hour. This is another way to keep social distance with others while at the office.

Several times a day, we are disinfecting the entrance and exit doors to the building, along with disinfecting door handles, light switches, and handicap rails in the bathrooms, as well as the waiting room chairs. We have dispensers of hand sanitizer available for your use before and after appointments.

Thank you for entrusting the counselors of SoulCare Counseling with your emotional, mental, and now physical health.  


Welcome!  At SoulCare Counseling, we believe that God has created each of us with a need to securely connect with God and others. But when our need for safe connection goes unmet, we try all sorts of ways to not feel that pain. Yet, the way we manage our pain may cause problems in our relationships with others and with God. If you are struggling with problems that do not seem to get better, we want you to know that you no longer have to struggle alone. 

There is a way to bring peace and calm to your innermost being.  There is help and there is hope for your feelings of anger, hurt and confusion; of shame, fear and anxiety; of depression, despair and disappointment.  We can help you find solutions to your most overwhelming problems. So if you are tired of feeling the way you do, we invite you to contact us today for a free thirty minute consultation with one of our caring counselors.  To learn about our counselors, or to contact a specific counselor, check out the Staff page.

All of the counselors at SoulCare are Christians and have completed a master's program at an accredited university or are in the process of completing a master's program at an accredited university. We provide individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, and child/adolescent therapy from a Christian perspective. 


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